Hey, my name is Marc!

I'm a fashion designer and artist residing in California.  
I've always searched for items that felt special. Clothing, furniture, decor -- you name it. As soon as I learned how to sew, my design philosophy was clear: I saw no reason to create something that could be readily found. Most of my work has been very ornate and artistic, but admittedly, I started looking for a different kind of challenge. My first love will always be highly detailed gowns, but my take on street-fashion has been my latest obsession. I am consistently intrigued by the fusion of high art and the most casual of clothing. A t-shirt is the most basic item in the wardrobe of modern humanity, but it's simplicity is what lends to it's chameleon nature. This may sound a bit grand, but this is really my experimentation in to what attitude, social impact, and defiance of fashion expectations can be achieved through a snappy, mixed-print tee.

The portrait of myself was painted by artist Adrianne Mares

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